Are you being called to join the sisterhood of Catholic Daughters?cda arms

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas is one of the largest Catholic women’s organizations in the world.  With the guidance of the Blessed Mother as their patron, Catholic Daughters is a group of “God’s Active Angels” reaching out to others with helping hands, having a good time, gaining new friends, and offering help and understanding to all. Our members are teachers of religion, Eucharistic ministers and mothers and grandmothers. They are like you with the same concerns and talents.

Membership in the Catholic Daughters of the Americas (CDA) organization is possible for women 18+, girls 6 to 17, and ladies attending college. Any woman of the Catholic faith who loves and supports the Church and desire to participate in social and charitable activities, shall be eligible for, and entitled to, membership.

Joining the Catholic Daughters of the Americas is a wonderful gift from God. Through CDA you are able to share your talents and gifts. As a member of CDA you are able to work with other Catholic women who share like values. 

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You were called to join the sisterhood of Catholic Daughters, now you are being called again to help others hear God’s call to service. Many women have talents and gifts but don’t know where to use them.

Reach out to them, tell them about CDA – Bring one; Gain one! Invite them to a meeting.  For membership information contact Yolanda Deleon (210) 844-8941.

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