note from regent

Since our new year has begun, we hope to start more activities for our Circle of Love.  Please keep your prayers for us coming.  Please join us at our meetings which are the 2nd Thursday of the month at the Dolan Center.  It  starts with the rosary at 6:30p.m.  Please check the calendar on the News section for any changes.

We also provide money and hours to our parish St Helena in San Antonio, Texas; State CDA;  and National CDA as follows:

Missions of Mercy (MOM) Projects- we have given money from the Court:

  1. Read Across America-we don’t have a Chair at this time.  Anyone interested?
  2. Respect Life-we have Rosary on Thursday at Heartland, take Communion to Heartland-Denise Beitel coordinates the visits.
  3. Education Chair-vacant-please contact us if you have someone interested in participating in a scholarship contest.  Looks like even one of us as CDA members can participate in:  Poetry, Art, Computer Art, Photography!
  4. Newsletter-vacant
  5. Website-Shirley Black

All of you have been a blessing to me and to each other. This fellowship is so important for the life of the Church, Families and our Community. Each one of us is a very powerful influence on our society. Let’s show our Christianity by being an example of sacrifice and love. Like Blessed Mother Teresa, pray and smile!

Your Sister in Christ

Yolanda De Leon

Regent, Court St. Helena of the Cross #2679