note from regent
The Catholic Daughters of the Americas nationwide is ending this year. We will again begin a new year in September, 2021.
I hope everyone is in good health. I want to extend my gratitude and admiration to our members.  They consistently dedicate their time and talents for the better good.  True to the CDA Motto of Unity and Charity, we started strong with a number of activities with the Heartland Senior Home with seniors. But due to the Corona Virus epidemic many of our activities with the Heartland Rehabilitation Center have been postponed.
The topics that will dominate this year of our term as CDA officers is:  Circle of Love and Spirituality/Service.
The Circle of Love  provides CDA’s structure for assisting in church and community, participating in national programs that make a difference, working with youth and schools, making a difference in the lives of the elderly and aged, and promoting justice and equality in legislative issues through Operation Morning Star.
Spirituality and Service:  CDA has its own unique spirituality- its own way of approaching God in prayer and living out the Gospel through private prayer and works of justice and charity. 
As always we pray for our church, country, and for the sick and their families in this trying time.
Our meetings had been on zoom. Only lately have we met in the Dolan Center.
Youth/JCDA – Rosalie Reyes and Denise Beitel are sponsors for the JCDA. With our bulletin advertising we hope to invite more girls to the JCDA.
We have reserved the date of October 9, 2021 as our annual Fall Fun Fashion Show. More information is on our News section. Please reserve this date.
Please check the calendar on the News section of this website for dates of CDA monthly meetings and events. This coming year will be even better God willing.
You can reach me at my phone 210-844-8941.
Your Sister in Christ
Yolanda DeLeon Regent,
Court St Helena of the Cross #2679