note from regent


Winter, 2017

I can’t believe it, I made it to Belk’s Department Store in New Braunfels at 5:30am on Saturday, November 4th, to be in line with others going for the $1000 gift card and a chance to receive a $100 gift card.  I was so excited and then I hear the store manager holler out to Charity volunteers!  Of course, I hollered back, I’m here!  She says, to come on into the store to start setting up the table!  When I got to the door, she quietly said the charity volunteers were not eligible for the gift cards!  I was crestfallen!  Oh well, I offered it up as a sacrifice for the worthy person that would win a gift card.  There were 11 organizations selling the $5 coupons.  This was amazing!  Just going from table to table to get to know each organization was an experience I will treasure.  Each person representing their organization had their story to tell about how and why they volunteered.  A couple of men from the Masons were so excited to be able to help in their own small way t get contributions for the children’s burn center in Houston, the people that help with pastries and outings or the brain injured adults, a group helping teens with awareness of drugs and alcohol and other CDA Courts!  These are just a few of the eleven organizations there.

Oh by the way, there some very good deals!  I got a pair of Sketchers starting out at $45, with a double discount and the $5 coupon cost down to $14!  Made my day!!  There were other bargains to be had for me!!

So my reward was fun and lots of laughs with Angie Whitestone, Shirley Black, Gina Ortiz and Yolanda DeLeon and getting to know the people from the other charitable organizations.

We have had our first meeting for the 2018 Fashion Show to be held at the Northern Hills Country Club. The date is April 14, 2018.  It was a great success this year and it will be a success this coming year as well.

Our December meeting is a party at Las Carretas. A $10 gift to exchange. A ugly sweater Contest will be played and certificates will be awarded to those who have worked hard in the past year.

Our new year is beginning. We hope to start more activities for our Circle of Love.  Please keep your prayers for us coming.  Please join us at our meetings which are the 2nd Thursday of the month at the Dolan Center.  It  starts with the rosary at 6:30p.m.

We also provide money and hours to the State CDA as follows:

Missions of Mercy (MOM) Projects- we have given money from the Court

  1. Read Across America-we don’t have a Chair at this time.  Anyone interested?
  2. Respect Life-we have Rosary on Thursday at Heartland, take Communion to Heartland-Denise Beitel coordinates the visits.
  3. Education Chair-vacant-please contact Angel if you have someone interested in participating in a scholarship contest.  Looks like even one of us as CDA members can participate in:  Poetry, Art, Computer Art, Photography!
  4. Newsletter-vacant
  5. Website-Shirley Black

Please contact any of these ladies in our Court to find out what you can do to help with their projects.

All of you have been a blessing to me and to each other. This fellowship is so important for the life of the Church, Families and our Community. Each one of us is a very powerful influence on our society. Let’s show our Christianity by being an example of sacrifice and love. Like Blessed Mother Teresa, pray and smile!

 Your Sister in Christ,

Eneida (Angel) Pleasant
Regent, Court St. Helena of the Cross #2679