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In CDA National News there are five National Projects for which National is asking that all Courts send $20.00 per project per year.  They are Habitat for Humanity, Holy Cross Family Ministries, Laboure, SOAR, and Smile Train. 
In CDA State News, Eve Treviño, State Regent, was very happy to report that the Texas CDA won a lot of awards at the National Convention in Pittsburg. Texas won #1 for the most Courts started, 15 courts!  Second place was not even close,  it was 5 courts. Pull out the Share Magazine you should have received and read all about Texas CDA!!  Texas is on fire!
The site also mentioned what the CDA ( as defined by the IRS as a designated tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization.) can do regarding educating voters about the candidates and their positions . Please check out the site at is the website to see the Texas CDA information. 

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